Colorado Past and Present

Many types of settlers have called Colorado home, including Pueblo, Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, Mexicans, rugged cowboys, and fortune seekers. Now, Colorado is full of national parks, swanky resorts, bustling cities, and cozy suburbs that draw people from around the world. Discover Colorado in the exciting new pictorial history, Colorado Past and Present. Incredible archival and contemporary photographs showcase the magnificent landscapes, culture, and evolution of Colorado since the late 1800s. Rocky Mountain high! Colorado boasts 53 awe-inspiring mountain peaks that rise 14,000 feet and higher. What was once arduous territory for Colorado's early settlers is now home to famous ski resorts like Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat Springs. Despite its rocky reputation, nearly half of Colorado is flat. See how life in the Eastern Plains has changed as cattle ranches make way for progress. In 2005 Outside Magazine named Buena Vista, Colorado, one of the Best Towns in the U.S. Check out how this town, in the shadow of the Rockies, sprang up from nothing and developed into a symbol of the New Urbanism movement. With its amazing natural beauty, exciting culture, and adrenalineinducing activities, Colorado is one of America's most popular destinations.