Color Essentials A Painter's Guide with Lea Colie Wight

Reach the next level of sophistication in your painting! Free your work from formulaic color mixing and take your artwork further with the expert color approaches in this exciting new two-part workshop! Achieve your true vision with an advanced understanding of color theory and showcase your skills every time you pick up your brush. Join top artist and Studio Incamminati instructor Lea Colie Wight for an in-depth color study and start-to-finish painting demo that will enhance your artistic practice. Transform your pieces with painting techniques from a master in the color-mixing guide you are sure to revisit again and again. Get a front-row seat to a master class: Be fearless with your color mixing when you learn to control your medium-push the colors right up to their edge and bring them back with Lea's color-study tips. Keep your paintings creative and spontaneous-learn to react and adjust as you go rather than memorizing formulas for color mixing. Make it believable-identify draw-through or action lines to use as aides that interconnect the painting and improve proportions. Discover paint-mixing advice from a master-mix the correct consistency and tone for each element with must-know techniques. Paint with the ease that comes with a clearly defined process-discover Lea's secrets to a seamless painting experience such as using a large enough canvas to block in color. Don't overuse specific color piles-learn how to mix colors and adjust new combinations for visually striking pieces. Control your colors-keep your mixed paints vibrant and beautiful throughout your process, giving a separate identity to each mass with expert insights. Create your own color study in your art studio-find out how and learn more essentials with this exciting new workshop! Order your copy of Color Essentials: a Painter's Guide and become one step closer to color-mixing mastery today!