Collins Digital Dictionaries - Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's E Dict

Learners of the English Language can now get an eBook version of the Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's Dictionary of British English. Buy the box and find a scratch card inside. Use the card to reveal a unique e-Dictionary code. Log on to Download the e-Dictionary, and use the code to activate the software. New from Collins Digital Dictionaries: the Cobuild Advanced Learner's e-Dictionary of British English. Now, English language students can access definitions anywhere: on a computer, on a blackberry, or on a mobile phone. The Cobuild e-Dictionary is software, and it works on many devices - all it takes is one simple download and activation. Collins Cobuild e-Dictionaries are easy to use. This package contains: * An Access Card * A friendly, easy-to-read User Guide To get the e-Dictionary, simply: * Scratch the access card to reveal a software activation code * Log on to* * Download the e-Dictionary to your computer, your Blackberry, or your mobile phone * Enter the activation code to turn on the software Collins Cobuild dictionaries are a favourite with university students, teachers of English abroad, and businesspeople who have English as a Second Language. The e-Dictionary version allows all of these people to take Cobuild with them, wherever they go.