Coinage in Iron Age Armorica

Series: Studies in Celtic Coinage (No. 2)
A complete description and catalogue of the coinage of Armorica, an area that includes all of Brittany and extends into Lower Normandy and virtually all of the Pays de la Loire. Philip de Jersey sets the scene by describing the geographical background and exploring the place of Armorica in a wider context with particular reference to the core/periphery model with Rome as its centre, and also in relation to key developments in Celtic society at that time. The role of coinage in Celtic society is examined, followed by an explanation of the three-phase model used for the discussion of Armorican coinage. The coins themselves are then discussed, beginning with the first phase imitations of the stater of Philip II, followed by the second phase issues of the Aulerci Cenomani and the Veneti, and ending with the third phase issues of the vast numbers of base gold and bullion coins leading up to the Gallic War. The final chapter attempts to provide an account of how Armorican coinage as a whole may have developed.