Coin Roll Hunting: How to Find Treasure in Coin Rolls

The Hunt is On! You see them in cash registers and in bank tellers' trays. Rolls of coins - pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. But what you may not realize is that far more than the face value of the coins may be hidden in those rolls. Real silver coins may be mixed in with the modern-day clad nickels, dimes and quarters. Real copper pennies may be mixed in with the copper-plated zinc cents made today. And there's always the chance that a rare dated coin is among the coins stacked neatly in the paper coin roll. Hunting rolls of coins for silve and copper coins and rare-dated coins is a fun way to get started collecting coins. And the reqards can be great. Author David Conway gives you tips for finding those elusive precious metal coins, dealing with bank personnel and handling your coin finds. So get ready to grab a few rolls of coins and let the hunt begin!