Code Cicada

Secrecy, treachery, spies, politics and business. this is a story told from the inside ...When Zhang Wendao, trade official at the Chinese Consulate, accepts an invitation to have coffee with an Australian government official, he expects nothing more than a pleasant chat about their shared passion for kung fu movies. But Zhang discovers his new friend is much, much more than he seems: he is an Australian Secret Intelligence Service operative with a grudge, and he has some very interesting, very disturbing information to impart ...Full of the gritty detail of deception, this is a revealing and compelling account of the relationships between spies and their masters, East and West, and how international diplomacy and global business interests really work - and the staggering stakes at risk. 'If you want to know what REALLY goes on in the world of secret intelligence, rather than the fairy stories that most spy writers tell, then you must read this book. It's the scary, sordid, unvarnished reality' - Phillip Knightley, author of Philby: KGB Masterspy and the Second Oldest Profession.