Coastal Shellfish - A Sustainable Resource: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Shellfish Restoration, held in Cork, Ireland, 28 September-2 October 1999

Paperback / softback
Coastal populations of shellfish have been exploited by humans for millennia as an easily accessible source of fresh protein. Unfortunately, because the intertidal zone and the shallow coastal margins are so intertwined with man's activities, these shellfish stocks are now severely threatened around the world. Issues such as anthropogenic pollution, harmful algal blooms, overfishing, loss of habitat, and local stakeholder conflicts are all contributing to an alarming decline in the natural productivity of these regions. There have now been five International Conferences on Shellfish Restoration (ICSR) since 1996, which have focused the attention on transferring scientific knowledge into practical remedial and restorative actions for shellfish populations. This volume represents a selection of contributions from the third meeting in Cork, Ireland, 1999. It includes papers on lobsters, sea urchins, whelks, clams, mussels, and scallops, with a thematic emphasis on ranching, disease, environmental interactions, fisheries management, aquaculture, restoration, toxic algal blooms, and toxicity testing.