Clinical Pharmacology Animations: Online Review

Online resource
Clinical Pharmacology Animations: Online Review provides an animated and interactive approach to understanding the fundamental topics of clinical pharmacology. This web-based tutorial will help health professions students gain an understanding of the key concepts of pharmacology and provide the needed foundation for increased mastery, professionalism, and confidence as they begin their career. This online review will clarify complex concepts and provide reinforcement of key terms and processes. Each section of the tutorial provides an Audio Overview, Animated Graphics, Key Points with a brief summary of the topic, Examples for clinical applications of the concept being presented, and Challenge Questions which include a variety of test questions - multiple choice, true/false, fill in-the-blank, matching, point and click, and drag & drop. This comprehensive program provides animations to review 29 different topics. After completing the online review of topics, students may take a Final Exam including, 30 randomized questions, to test their overall comprehension and retention of basic pharmacology. Access Code Subscription Length: 365 Days