Climate Atlas of the Atlantic Ocean: Derived from the Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set (COADS)

The presented climate atlas follows with regard to structure and vol- ume the Bunker Climate Atlas of the North Atlantic Ocean published 1985 by H.-J. Isemer and L. Hasse, which has become a standard work for the climate study community. A new edition was appropriate, since during the last decade much progress was achieved in the correct interpretation of the wind speed reported by merchant ships. As the wind speed is an essential parameter for the fundamental air-sea interactions, namely the exchange of momentum and energy between ocean and atmosphere, considerable impact on resulting climate key parameters as Sverdrup transport or meridional heat transport could be expected. Furthermore, individual ship observations are nowadays available from COADS, the Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set, and, due to the grown computer power, these data are processable in reasonable time. Thus, improving the calculations of air-sea fluxes, as performed by Isemer and Hasse, is no longer a complex and tricky venture, since flux parameterizations can be applied directly to the ship observations. Compared to the Bunker Altas we expanded the considered sea area and included also the South Atlantic. Considering the entire Atlantic Ocean reveals not only interesting features of the southern hemisphere but allows also a finer assessment of the resulting energy fluxes.