CliffsNotes Chemistry Practice Pack

About the Contents: Pretest Helps you pinpoint where you need the most help Topic Area Reviews * Measurement and Units of Measurement * Matter: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures * Atoms I - The Basics * Formulas and Names of Ionic Compounds, Acids, and Bases * The Mole - Elements and Compounds * Percent Composition and Empirical and Molecular Formulas * Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equations * Calculations Using Balanced Equations * Atoms II - Atomic Structure and Periodic Properties * Chemical Bonding - The Formation of Compounds * Gases and the Gas Laws * The Forces between Molecules - Solids and Liquids * Solutions and Solution Composition * Acids, Bases, and Neutralization Glossary Customized Full-Length Exam Covers all subject areas * Pretest that pinpoints what you need to study most * Clear, concise reviews of every topic * Targeted example problems in every chapter with solutions and explanations * Customized full-length exam that adapts to your skill level