Classroom Dilemmas: Solutions for Everyday Problems

Paperback / softback
Classroom Dilemmas: Solutions for Everyday Problems presents thirty-six situations taken from real-life, in which teachers and/or administrators have had to make difficult decisions, often relating to school policy, dealing with what is believed best for the student(s), teachers, and others in the particular educational situation. The pros and cons of each decision is discussed, and finally the actual resolution of the real life dilemma is given-whether it turned out to be the best resolution or not. All of the dilemmas presented are common to anyone in the educational field, and all are designed to assist in determining questions to be asked and paths to be followed in arriving at the best resolution to common but difficult problems. Some additional key features of this book include: *Presents educational dilemmas from real life *Sets forth the problem *The dilemma is presented: which decision is best *Pros and cons of each possible decision is presented *Actual real-life resolution is revealed *Asks educators what their decisions would have been