Classroom Assessment Scoring System(CLASS) Guia de las Dimensiones, Infant

Whether you're new to the CLASS(R) framework or honing your skills, this Spanish booklet will ground you in the domains and dimensions that make up the CLASS Infant framework. In its pages you will:* Explore CLASS Infant domains and dimensions* Find clear explanations of effective interactions* Learn practical strategies for improving interactionsThis dimensions guide is great for teachers and anyone interested in understanding why classroom interactions matter and how they can be improved with the CLASS tool. This guide is used with the bestselling CLASS observational tool that measures interactions between children and teachers-a primary ingredient of high-quality early educational experiences. With versions for infant and toddler programs and pre-K and K-3 classrooms, the reliable and valid CLASS tool establishes an accurate picture of the classroom through brief, repeated observation and scoring cycles and effectively pinpoints areas for improvement.