Classical Painting the Realist Sight Size Method with Judith Kudlow

Transform your paintings with these drawing secrets It's not life-size, it's the size you see when you need it to be with the foolproof system: the sight-size method. Atelier instructor Judith Kudlow demonstrates how to use her proven method for creating accurate drawings and achieving mesmerizing results. Create stunning still lifes with this essential demonstration that takes you step by step through the painting process, from creating a calculated drawing to achieving exact color tones to a finished painting-all in one incredible workshop! Get a front-row seat to this master class to: * See the secrets of the sight-size method revealed, including where to position yourself and your easel for exact proportions. * Paint with the very same techniques as some of the 'Old Masters,' Judith Kudlow has consolidated the best of her life-long research into one educational workshop. * Capture the luster and intrigue of your subject-learn all the must-knows for classical painting methods in this illuminating demonstration. * Create wall-worthy artwork that turns heads every time with a master's process for mapping out your colors. * Transition seamlessly from light areas to dark areas with expert techniques made easy to use. * Learn where to position yourself and your easel to paint accurate proportions in the site size method with simple calculations and expert know-how. * Improve your accuracy for rendering difficult shapes such as the arc with tips to mapping plane changes that are not symmetrical-draw even more beautifully once you overcome your natural tendencies. Take the guesswork out of drawing and painting proportions. Judith Kudlow shares her best kept secret for creating immaculate renderings that have made her the success she is today.