Classical Basics: A Brief Overview of Historical Documents and Recordings

Classical Basics was created to provide an enjoyable and informative introduction to the world of classical music. This text includes four CDs full of some of the finest classical recordings available, complete with extensive time-coded listening guides for each selection. Classical Basics also contains reproductions of many historical documents including great art photographs, numerous composer images, illustrations, musical examples, newspaper articles, and book excerpts. 1500 years of music history is a lot to take in, but no one expects students to learn in one or two semesters everything musicians have taken lifetimes to learn. James Shearer has geared this text toward creating new classical music fans, and away from forcing students to appreciate a style of music they have never experienced before. Features include: four CDs with 67 selections of great classical music representing all style periods, each selection has a detailed listening guide in the book; over five hours of music featuring numerous recent recordings, authentic performance practice examples where appropriate, and a select number of historic live recordings; thirteen FOCUS ON FORM sections throughout the book, each devoted to a specific topic dealing with individual formal structures, styles, and specific musical genres; all major terms are listed in boldface in the margins; and listening guides are found throughout each chapter. Each guide lists the composer, work, information regarding the specific recorded performance, and offers a brief description of the performing ensemble/solo artist where appropriate. In addition, each guide gives students a detailed, time-coded explanation of what is happening musically throughout the performance. Twenty-two article and book excerpt selections, over 200 photographs and other images of important composers, musical illustrations, and historical documents.