Circuit Theory: A Systems Approach

Mixed media product
Unlike other texts on Circuit Analysis this one is written for a curriculum based on the DSP First approach (1,2) and is not intended as a first course in electrical engineering. Follows a course in signal processing in which students are exposed to Fourier series and transforms, sampling, z-transforms, filters and modulation. It offers a logical set of topics for teaching a single-semester course on circuit analysis for a second semester in the second year in a four-year ECE curriculum. One aspect of this approach is its emphasis on the use of a Laplace transform approach early on with an emphasis on system mathematics. Presents basic circuit concepts in a clear and intuitive style illustrated with simple solved problems. Offers an original organization for a single semester worth of material emphasizing a systems approach. Includes Boxed Vignettes or Danger Boxes which focus on common areas of student confusion. Follows the popular 2 color format of SP First (McClellan/Schafer/Yoder) and Fundamental of Applied Electromagnetics (Ulaby). Includes a companion CD-Containing an archive of solved problems, laboratories, demonstrations and visualizations and the full version of LabView