Chronicles of the Reigns of Edward I and Edward II 2 Volume Set

Multiple copy pack
This two-volume set of Latin chronicles illustrating the reigns of Edward I (1272-1307) and Edward II (1307-27) was published between 1882 and 1883. The volumes contain material not found in any other source for the period, notably the surviving fragments of the Annales Londonienses, which originally provided a year-by-year narration of events from 1194-1330. Also included are the Annales Paulini, from the hand of a chronicler associated with St Paul's, and the Commendatio lamentabilis, a laudatory piece written by John of London very soon after the death of Edward I. The often corrupt texts were restored, edited and provided with English side-notes by William Stubbs (1825-1901), whose lengthy introductions to each volume provide a wealth of detail about the possible writers, the historical context of each chronicle, and the history of the transmission and publication of the manuscripts.