Chronicles of the Kindred: Volume One: Origins

Devastated by its past, Ecumene is a land ravished by a Great War. Once ruled by magnificent dragons and supernatural beings known as Kindred - who narrowly escaped massacre when the land was thrown into turmoil - only a few hundred remain alive. Now with the dragons disappearing and the ongoing threat of imprisonment, they stand alone - without a leader - without hope, fighting for their freedom. Xavour Dragonheart is the last of her line. Sworn to protect dragons and desperate to prevent the extinction of the Kindred, she is chosen to be their leader. While avoiding death on the journey from her own known enemies - convinced the legendary Fablekin are still in hiding- Xavour must first find the labyrinth in which they dwell before an army of Enoshian soldiers do. Languishing in the Western province of Ecumene, Phenomic Calder is the adopted son of a dying king. He is not a noble knight. He knows he is not a warrior. But when he is forced to lead savage Dragonslayers across the land to capture Xavour Dragonheart, he is faced with the difficult decision - his honour...or his life?