Chronicles of Bow Street Police-office 2 Volume Set: With an Account of the Magistrates, 'Runners', and Police; and a Selection of the Most Interesting Cases

Multiple copy pack
Percy Fitzgerald (1834-1925) was a prolific author, critic, painter and sculptor. He was born in Ireland and attended Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, and then Trinity College, Dublin. When he moved to London, he became a contributor to Charles Dickens' periodical Household Words. This two-volume work, published in 1888, gives a stirring account of the work of London's eighteenth-century law enforcers, the Bow Street Runners. Drawing on records of criminal cases, it tells how magistrates Henry Fielding and his blind half-brother Sir John Fielding helped to set up the Runners. Their actions dramatically reduced violent crime in the city and paved the way for the modern police force. Volume 1 covers the formation of the Runners and introduces the key players in the successes that followed. Volume 2 features a wide selection of fascinating cases including the Cato Street Conspiracy and the callous murder of William Weare.