Chronic Wound Standards - Prevention and Treatment: Leg Ulcers, Pressure Ulcers, Compression Therapy, Off-loading

A practice oriented reference book on standards of chronic wound treatment engaging recent knowledge on wound healing dynamics and physiology including cofactors as psyche, nutrition, age and general condition. The treatment modalities of chronic wounds have developed significantly over the past twenty years from just dry dressings to moist wound healing methods. In order to address the variety of chronic wounds, assessment on metabolism, vascular and malignant causes is required prior to defining a topical therapy. By clear and concise summarizing, the latest regarding complex professional information on chronic wounds, such as on pathophysiology, research and therapy is understandably presented. The well illustrated book presents therapeutic concepts of treatment, e.g. a classification of wound stages, and information on the newest products and devices in wound management. This handbook is suitable for basic education as well as extended education and P.D.R. book for solving specific problems.