Chronic Fatigue and Related Immune Deficiency Syndromes

The latest research in neurobiology and in biological psychiatry has led to the discovery of many interactions between mood states and alterations in brain neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, and brain imaging. Chronic Fatigue and Related Immune Deficiency Syndromes presents a state-of-the-art synthesis of research into disorders of chronic fatigue. It examines the relationship of chronic fatigue and related immune deficiency syndromes to major biological depression and reviews how they are alike and how they differ in etiology, psychopathology, neuroendocrinology, neurochemistry, and treatment. The chapters on treatment review all the varying approaches currently being used (along with the theories on which they are based) to set the scene for future developments in antivirals and antidepressants. This comprehensive yet concise text presents what is known on chronic fatigue syndrome from the vantage point of experts in the fields of immunology, virology, and neuroendocrinology.