Christoph Schlingensief: Art without Borders

Paperback / softback
The work of German artist Christoph Schlingensief spans a diverse range of fields, including performance art, film, television, opera and theatre. In the tradition of figures such as Joseph Beuys and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Schlingensief has produced a large body of politically engaged work that challenges audiences to confront their own prejudices and to think critically and creatively about a broad range of issues and debates. Constantly shifting focus between gravity and irony, playfulness and responsibility, absurdity and seriousness, Schlingensief's work foregrounds (in innovative and, at times, very humorous ways) the relationship between art and politics in everyday life. Consisting of twelve chapters written by leading scholars in the field, and a long interview with Schlingensief himself, the book will provide the reader with the first comprehensive study of the intriguing body of work that Schlingensief has developed over the last thirty years.