Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Manual for Therapists, Parents and Community Workers

Children with Cerebral Palsy is intended for people who are working with children with cerebral palsy in countries where there are few resources and little awareness of what can be done to help such children and their families. It is meant for therapists, community workers and families, in short, for all those who have the experience of working with children with cerebral palsy. Therapists in areas of limited resources have to cope with assessing and treating a large number of children without much scope of paying them individual attention. Neither do they have opportunities for upgrading their own knowledge and skills through continuing education. Children with Cerebral Palsy is based on the author's experience of working amongst children with cerebral palsy in Africa and South and South East Asia. It starts with a definition of cerebral palsy and the nature of the condition and how it affects a growing child. It is a step-by-step guide for the therapist to plan treatment programmes that can be carried out by family members and community workers. Children with Cerebral Palsy has a chapter on how contractures and deformities can be avoided and another on aids and equipment that might be useful. There are ideas and designs for low cost aids.