Childe Hassam: at Dusk, Boston Common at Twilight

In this vivid account of one of Bostons best-loved paintings, leading American art specialist Erica E Hirshler illuminates the context of Childe Hassams 1880s city scene. With its rosy rust tones, nurturing woman, and quiet expanse of snow-laden park, today At Dusk (Boston Common at Twilight) seems to encourage reflection, yet Hirshler reveals the ways in which it heralded the emerging modern city, from subtleties about womens place in the urban landscape to the uproarious clang of the street cars that would have been heard on the busiest block in Boston. Enriched with related paintings and archival illustrations, this evocative volume explores the countered conventions and bulldozed buildings behind the canvass creation. Carefully researched and elegantly presented, the latest addition to the MFA Spotlight series will delight Hassam fans and history buffs alike.