Chemistry 1ce by Olmsted, Williams, Burk is a newly adapted general chemistry text designed for the specific needs and requirements of Canadian professors and students for use in one or two semester introductory chemistry courses. This adaptation was based on recommendations from an advisory board of instructors from leading institutions across Canada who worked with our Canadian author throughout the development of this text to reach a consensus on topics that best suit Canadian curriculum. This text also incorporates key Canadian content in the form of SI units, IUPAC standards and significant Canadian research which more accurately reflects the discipline of Canadian chemistry than other textbooks currently on the market. Chemistry instructors will find this text sufficiently rigorous while it engages and retains student interest with accessible language, Canadian research and examples and a clear problem solving program. In order to more directly reflect the varied curriculum of Canadian chemistry courses we have uniquely created flexible options which allow instructors to decide whether they want to include or exclude early chemistry chapters for the purposes of review.This Canadian edition retains Olmsted & Williams' innovative approach to teaching chemistry by reinforcing key concepts through molecular-level discussion and graphics. This approach encourages students to move beyond memorization of formulas and equations, to thinking critically about what is really occurring and solving problems based on what they know about the behaviour of molecules and chemical processes.