Chasing Memories - First in the Memory Box Trilogy

Steven and Laura Thompson have the ideal marriage and the birth of Annie only strengthens their bond. Life seems perfect until everything changes in an instant with one man's careless decision, leaving Laura a widow. Laura struggles to move on with life but unimaginable tragedy strikes again. While shoveling her elderly neighbor's snowy walk, a careening car slams into her on an icy street, resulting in no memory of either Steven or Annie! Laura grapples to make sense of the missing pieces of her past while living in the present with a daughter she can't remember, a friend she must learn to trust and a future filled with uncertainties. A memory box, handcrafted by her elderly neighbor and given to her at Christmas, is filled with precious mementos in the hopes she will one day remember. As Laura fights for survival, her eventual surrender to a God of love brings hope, healing and wholeness to her shattered life.