Chariots Like a Whirlwind: The Epic of Chariot Warfare

The chariot warrior was antiquity's version of the medieval knight. It is no wonder--its brutality notwithstanding--that chariot warfare, like knightly combat, has come down to us as a heroic, romantic endeavor. Written in spirited prose that confirms the author's award-winning talent for storytelling, Chariots Like a Whirlwind: The Epic of Chariot Warfare conveys the qualities of excitement and exoticism of these ancient warriors as it provides what is at once an analysis of battle tactics and the history of chariot warfare itself. Steve Weingartner explores the forms of chariot warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Middle- Late Bronze Age; in Assyria and neighboring kingdoms during the Iron Age (including the age of biblical warfare); in northern India during the Vedic and Epic periods; in China during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Epoch; in Persia and northern India during the period of the Macedonian conquest; and in Celtic Britain during the Roman invasion.