Character and Identity: v. 2: Sociological Foundation of Literary and Historical Perspectives

Examines the development of identity and characterThis book examines the development of identity and character in the context of society. Part I examines personality formation from the rich literature of the social sciences, especially psychology, sociology and anthropology. How is the conscience formed? What is the role of society-the family, the schools, religion, mass media, the state, and globalityuin the formation of morally and civically responsible citizens? Part II looks at historical and literary figures and their own formation in the context of their societies. These include eight influential social leadersuThatcher, Churchill, Tojo, Mandela, Kenyatta, de Gasperi, Judd, and Tagoreuand three literary charactersuCordelia from King Lear, Okwonko from Things Fall Apart, and Ahab from Moby Dick.