C(H)AOS Theory: Reflections of Chief Academic Officers in Theological Education

Informative guide for academic deans at theological schools Members of the Association of Theological Schools' Chief Academic Officers Society (CAOS) deans and CAOs at more than 250 theological schools in the United States and Canada face a number of unique vocational tasks and trials. C(H)AOS Theory brings together in one volume perspectives from more than thirty deans and chief academic officers (CAOs) at theological schools across North America. These veteran administrators share their wisdom on a variety of topics related to academic leadership, from understanding institutional contexts and nurturing relationships to negotiating conflict, setting and meeting academic goals, building budgets, working with assessment and accreditation, and more. With its rich amalgam of useful information, bold instruction on a host of academic leadership issues, and lively narratives on the ways that different colleagues address common challenges, C(H)AOS Theory will serve as a helpful resource for academic leaders.