Change - 19 Key Essays on How Internet is Changing Our Lives

This is the sixth edition of the BBVA's annual series, dedicated to exploring and disseminating the key issues of our time. Esteemed scholars from around the world examine the internet as an agent of change, incorporating the most current knowledge on the subject into their essays while using accessible language. They address the impact of the internet on a social, cultural, economic, political and scientific level, but also how it affects people's daily lives: their relationship habits, leisure and work. Yochai Benkler (Harvard Law School), Federico Casalegno (MIT), Manuel Castells (University of Southern California), Edward Castronova (Indiana University), David Crystal (Bangor University), Zaryn Dentzel (Tuenti), Paul DiMaggio (Princeton University), Lucien Engelen (Radboud University Medical Centre), David Gelertner (Yale University), Peter Hirshberg, Mikko Hypponen (F-Secure Corporation), Thomas Malone, Evgeny Morozov, Michael Nielsen, Dan Schiller , Neil Selwyn (Monash University), Juan Ignacio Vazquez (Universidad de Deusto) and Patrik Wikstrom (Queensland University of Technology).