Cells: The Building Blocks of Life: Six-Volume Set

A cell is the smallest unit of life that can be classified as a living thing, but it plays a large role in the biology of living organisms. The Cells: The Building Blocks of Life set explores cells in a variety of ways-how they work, how they affect body functions and health, and how they can be used by scientists to advance medical techniques. Each title in this curriculum-based set presents a topic central to the study of biology and life science in an easy-to-understand style with thought-provoking insight and full-colour photographs and illustrations. This six-volume set comprises the following titles:Cell Structure, Processes, and Reproduction (9781617530043) Cells and Human Health (9781617530081) How Scientists Research Cells (9781617530074) Plant Cells (9781617530098) Stem Cell Research and Other Cell-Related Controversies (9781617530050) The Evolution of Cells (9781617530067)