Cedar, Seals and Whaling Ships

Series: Transport, Trade and Travel in Australia S. (bk. 2 - 1788-1830s)
How did early white settlers in Australia survive and prosper?This book shows convicts manhandling carts and building roads, sealing gangs doing it tough on remote islands, whaling crews harpooning their prey, timber-getters razing vast tracts of cedar forest, woolgrowers experimenting with merino sheep, shipbuilders and sailors and trailblazers and bullockies. Merchants did a roaring trade in sealskins, whale oil and timber, until there were almost no seals, whales or cedar trees left. What could they sell to the world that would not be used up so quickly?Nicholson's second book in his groundbreaking series 'Transport, Trade and Travel in Australia' describes the early days of white settlement, and the first attempts to make Australia a trading nation.Books in the series:Songlines and Stone Axes (pre-1788)Cedar, Seals and Whaling Ships (1788-1830s)Wool, Wagons and Clipper Ships (1830s-1850s)Steam, Steel and Speed (1850s-1900)A Hundred Years of Petrol Power (1900-2000)