Carol Vorderman's Detox Recipes (Updated and Extended)

It is always wonderful to hear from so many people who have achieved terrific results from following my Detox for Life and Summer Detox plans. *Detox Recipes was originally produced in response to countless requests from readers of my previous books for further recipe ideas to help them get more out of their detox experience. *The Collection, which was developed with nutritional expert Anita Bean, has proved so popular that we have added another 16 pages of recipes devoted to snacks and easy-to-prepare meals to complement the existing range of over 100 inspirational dishes that cover everything from breakfasts to soups, salads and main courses (using vegetables, pulses , grains and pasta). as well as yummy desserts, juices and smoothies. *Detox Recipes is absolutely packed with inspirational ideas that are ideal for the detox or for helping you to maintain your new-found energy levels. *I hope it gives you all the motivation you need to get the most out of your detox. Carol Vorderman was assisted in the writing of this book by Anita Bean BSc, an award-winning nutritionist, magazine columnist and author of 12 top-selling books on food and nutrition.