Carl Aubock Architekt 1924 - 1993: Design for Modern Living

The publication is the first time before the life's work of architect and designer Carl Aubock (1924-1993). His special attention to craftsmanship, but also the knowledge in the field of prefabrication, the combination of design, architecture and interior design make it a unique representative of the Austrian architecture after 1945. There are few comparable architects and designers who have produced such a wealth of diverse creative work with strong on content context. Due to the great personal commitment in the field of industrial design comes Aubock Carl, who always promoted the marketability of the products of students in addition to the realization of his own works, in Austria certainly a pioneering role. Especially aufzeigenswert is also Carl Aubocks consultant activity in developing countries, under which he was actively involved in specific product developments. Using the example of Carl Aubocks should include the historical significance of the architecture and design of the 1960s and 1970s, a little machined period, the focus of attention. Texts by Carl Aubock (1924-93), Carl Aubock (* 1954), Eduard Seklers , Charlotte Blue Steiner, Guenther Buchinger, Isabella Marboe, Maria Welzig, Walter Chramosta, Marion Kuzmany and Karin Jeleniogorska