Capacity Planning for Web Performance: Metrics, Models and Methods

The world's #1 book on Web capacity planning has now been completely revamped to reflect the latest Web services and e-commerce applications, and the latest techniques and technologies for supporting them. In this book, two of the world's leading Web capacity planning experts show how to precisely quantify potential and real performance problems, and address them proactively. Daniel A. Menasce and Virgilio A.F. Almeida introduce quantitative performance predictive models for every major Web scenario -- especially the latest Web services, e-commerce, and mobile applications. The book's extensive coverage of Web services includes protocols and interaction models; unique performance, reliability, and availability challenges; and new capacity planning methodologies. Menasce and Almeida introduce the fundamentals of performance and capacity planning in any client/server environment; specific issues associated with HTTP and TCP/IP protocols; and typical workloads. They demonstrate how to benchmark current performance at both the system and component level; plan future capacity; define service level agreements; accommodate peak usage; and manage tradeoffs between cost and performance.