Canterbury: History You Can See

A day trip to Canterbury can feel like being 'punch-drunk'. Sometimes there is too much history to see. Great buildings like cathedrals can dwarf their neighbours and smother the memory of their various builders. City walls, seventeen centuries old, hide the changes which altered them; yet every building which has survived war, slump, plague and changing fashion has been adapted to new uses. This detailed history of Canterbury is told through its buildings from its Roman origins to the present day and includes sections on St Martin's church, St Augustine's abbey, the Cathedral, the Pilgrim inns, Royal Castle buildings, Georgian timber-framed houses, the Blitz, shopping malls and universities. The reader is introduced to the builders, traders, craftsmen and saints and sinners who created Canterbury during its long history and tells many surprising stories about the people behind the buildings creating an informative and entertaining read rather than a text-book history.