Canadian Environmental Policy and Politics: Prospects for Leadership and Innovation

The third edition of Canadian Environmental Policy and Politics provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to current issues in Canadian environmental policy by seeking to answer a set of questions: Is there evidence of environmental policy leadership and innovation? What are the major obstacles? Where do we see promising developments that might serve as a starting point for next generation approaches? Part One looks at 'Canadians and Their Environment' and provides an overview of public support for environmental policy leadership and innovation, examining the relationship between the success of environmental policy and public concern for the environment. It also examines public support for federal and provincial Green parties and the potential of these political parties to frame the political debate in terms of environmental policy leadership. In Part Two, 'Making Environmental Law and Policy', four chapters survey the legal, institutional, and policy frameworks currently in place in order to assess opportunities for environmental policy leadership and innovation with specific attention given to the Supreme Court of Canada; environmental policy instruments and instrument choice in Canada; and the sustainable development policies, institutions, and practices of the Federal Government of Canada. Part Three, 'Environmental Governance at Multiple Levels', examines the potential and opportunities for environmental policy leadership and innovation at the subnational, local, territorial/aboriginal, trilateral, and international scales. The final part of the book uses case studies to investigate the record of environmental policy leadership and innovation in seven different areas: climate change, renewable electricity, forest management, endangered species, water pollution, mercury pollution, and pesticides use.