Call Me Stranger

It had taken a thousand years for Cat to find Marske-by-the-Sea and his Warlock, Norman Boosbeck, the leader of his team to save the World from Darline. She was a Good Witch once but an issue with her boy friend (Sir James Hawkney) sent her over the edge and ready to fight the World. Being her loyal Familiar, Cat now has the job of recruiting help to save the World from his now lunatic mistress. Cat has done all a faithful Good Familiar could, but Time is running out and the rules tied his paws. He seeks the assistance of Norman, a shy accountant. He is the key, but he doesn't even know he is a Warlock, because Magick had died out before he was born and no-one knew any more. Cats' Witches aren't reliable either. They include dipsomaniac Erin, kleptomaniac Lydia, pipe-smoking tramp Ramona, child-medium brat Melanie (who was also Alice), a dapper Warlock-hypnotist Darren and a circus Dwarf called Irving from an unknown planet, who met Cat while lost as he practised his Time Travel skills, or lack of them. Marching sheep, talking rabbits, four-foot frogs, twelve-inch crickets and three worried ghosts are not much of a help, either. Controlling everything is the vain, enigmatic and unpredictable Cat. So whose side is he really on?