Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates: 274 Outstanding Species for Challenging Conditions

In part one of this practical, detailed guide, Leo Chance describes how to prepare planting beds, get plants established, combine them attractively, and maintain them over the long term. Part two consists of portraits of plants that can be used to create breath-taking, drought-tolerant gardens. Especially useful are tips from experts who have mastered the art of growing cacti in parts of the country not usually associated with high temperatures or a scarcity of water. If your goal is to garden with cacti and succulents rather than merely to grow them, this comprehensive, accessible book will help you achieve spectacular results. Drought-tolerant plants continue to grow in popularity as more and more localities impose water restrictions and homeowners seek to reduce outdoor water use Emphasis is on the practical aspects of gardening with cold-hardy cacti and succulents Contains lots of useful tips, such as how to handle cacti during planting, how to prepare planting beds, and how to get plants well-established