We are all fascinated by the unknown members of our respective families. Where did our family come from originally? Were earlier generations related to anyone famous? Did any of our antecedents leave a serious mark on history? Each of the 12 volumes in the Irish Family Names series provides an introduction to one of the most popular Irish family names. Each book follows the same pattern: a brief introduction to the family, its crest and details of where the family originated; information on how to set about tracing your own particular branch of the family - how to use the variety of genealogical research tools available; and brief biographies of famous people who bore the same surname. Each book is illustrated in full colour throughout and provides an attractive introduction to the family name for its various members. Discover the rich history that lies behind the family name Byrne in this illustrated guide. Take a look at famous bearers of the Byrne name, including the longstanding lord mayor of Dublin Alfie Byrne, the acclaimed actor Gabriel Byrne and Talking Heads band member David Byrne. A section on genealogy provides all you need to know to get started on tracing your family tree.