Business Intelligence and Mobile Technology Research: An Information Systems Engineering Perspective

All business organizations strive for increasing their growth by seizing new opportunities, reducing enterprise costs, attracting new customers and retaining old customers. In doing so, business intelligence and analytics allow business organizations to make better plans, informed decisions, and monitor their progress towards planned goals and objectives. The more disruptive power of IT technologies comes synergistically. Individual IT technologies do not work in isolation. Business intelligence systems are built on other digital technologies, such as mobile and collaborative technologies, cloud computing, virtualization, and enterprise resource planning and enterprise information systems. This volume presents sixteen of the most insightful research papers amongst the various contributions accepted for presentations at the International Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (ICIST 2013) and the International Conference on Software Engineering and New Technologies (ICSENT'12), held in Tangier, Morocco, and Hammamet, Tunisia respectively. These papers truly represent what today's CIOs see as the top-priority disruptive IT technologies that will help business organizations seize digital opportunities to increase their growth and reduce operating costs.