Business, Institutions and Ethics: A Text with Cases and Readings

This introductory business ethics text with readings and cases explains fundamental concepts in ethics and how to apply them to business and economics. The author shows how institutions are constituted by principles, then uses these principles to examine the ethics of commerce. The book includes 34 cases and readings. The first half of the text focuses on theory and begins with a case study that illustrates and unifies the theory discussions that follow. Chapter 1 examines market instutitions, organizational structure, and individual decision making. Chapter 2 interprets moral development as a process within institutional settings. Chapter 3 explains egoism, care, utilitarianism, right, and pluralistic ethical theories. Chapter 4 discusses how economic analyses of markets and firms incorporate ethical principles. Chatper 5 argues that law reinforces ethical and economic aspects of social instituions important to the continued existence and well-being of society. The second half of the text (Chapters 6-9) consists of cases and articles organized by the economic categories of property, risk-reward relationships, information, and competition. The topics covered include corporate control, workplace dangers, marketing, and manufacturing relocation. This book will be useful to business professors who lack a philosophical background but wish to include business ethics in their business and society courses. It will be equally suitable for philosophers who lack a commerical background but wish to cover more business-oriented topics in their business ethics courses.