Buro Kiefer: Landscape Design - Landschaftsarchitektur

Buro Kiefer, founded in Berlin in 1989, can be counted amongst the most important international landscape design bureaus. A mathematical and aesthetic logic lies at the basis of every design. In recombining both, landscape design answers to the ever growing job responsibilities: architecture, urban development and region development orientate the landscape. Linked up with this challenge, but also with the cultural tradition of garden art, Buro Kiefer creates new hybrids from town and landscape. Their starting point is a contemporary understanding of space. On the basis of an analysis of the space, the division of influences and ideas and recombining them, Buro Kiefer creates images referring to the future. In this book a number of important projects are presented as a whole for the first time. Buro Kiefer, Landscape Design is a publication in a series about leading architects and landscape designers in the Europe of today.