Building Resilient Students: Integrating Resiliency Into What You Already Know and Do

`At a time when student testing is at an all-time high, Kate Thomsen reminds us that as educators we are in the human potential business. This user-friendly book provides an overview of key educational trends, so teachers can easily incorporate the best of what works' - Rob Bocchino, Co-founder, Heart of Change; Change of Heart Associates Author, Emotional Literacy The author has written a practical, easy-to-read book full of activities, concrete applications, and real-life examples that teach resiliency and how it can be applied in creating resilient students. Resiliency is the process of identifying strengths instead of deficits in students and then building on these strengths. Simply put, resiliency is the ability to triumph over adversities. This book analyzes current educational theories in education and how each one contributes to resiliency, enabling teachers to incorporate resiliency into what they already know and do.