Brussels Type

For as long as he can remember, designer Stan Van Steendam has been interested in lettering on street facades. In the meantime, his fascination for typography, and for street typography in particular, has become something of an obsession. Street typography rarely gets a lot of attention and old lettering usually disappears when new developments take place. Nevertheless, it is still of significant value: facade lettering is part of the atmosphere and feeling of the neighbourhood, representing its history and the expansion of the city. It tells a unique and captivating story: a story which Stan Van Steendam has managed to capture in a series of over 80 photos. See Brussels through his eyes and discover hidden gems you might otherwise have passed by without a glance. These snapshots represent a captured moment, showing the transience of what was once carefully painted, set or carved. The photo aesthetics and the careful design are what make this book an ode to typography and a declaration of love to the city of Brussels.