Brownfields: Prevention, Assessment, Rehabilitation and Development of Brownfield Sites

This book focuses on the problems facing the public and private sectors and the engineering and scientific communities in terms of the decrease of available new land for development purposes. Given the economic and social benefits of brownfields redevelopment, there is a need for guidance on processes that ensure the acceptability and therefore viability of such redevelopment. The preparation of the guidance requires further research as well as the sharing of information, lessons and experience among experts in this field. Featuring papers from the Third International Conference on Prevention, Assessment, Rehabilitation and Development of Brownfield Sites, the text will be vital to practitioners and businessmen in industry and commerce as well as those in research organisations interested in the problems facing the prevention, assessment, rehabilitation and development of brownfields.The papers published in the book are grouped into the following sections: Development issues; Environmental assessment; Risk assessment and management; Cleanup methodologies; Case studies; Community and public involvement; Lessons from the field; Modelling and assessment; Monitoring of contaminated sites.