British Culture: An Introduction

Completely amended and updated to include cultural events since 1997, this very welcome second edition is the complete introduction to culture and the arts in Britain today. Exploring issues such as language, the novel and poetry, theatre, TV, and radio, David P. Christopher takes a factual approach and investigates the key movements of British culture, setting them in a clear, historical context. Extensively illustrated and incredibly student-friendly, the chapters focus on key themes including politics, the media and language, with emphasis on outstanding artists in each area, and strengthens reading and study skills through follow-up activities and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter. This exciting second edition includes: a more in-depth analysis of films and novels extended analyses of the subjects for students new to British culture fully revised and updated chapters two brand new chapters on sport and print media authentic extracts from novels, plays and TV series discussion of recent cultural events such as the building of the London Gherkin, and the phenomenon of the Harry Potter novels. David P. Christopher's book is an engaging study of the art of contemporary life and is a must-have for the bookshelf of any student of modern Britain.