Breast Cancer: Answers at Your Fingertips

If you suspect that you may have breast cancer you will experience a mixture of emotions: fear and worry, anger and confusion. If you have been diagnosed, you will inevitably think, Why me? . As the news sinks in and you come to deal with the cancer, further questions will arise. This book provides comprehensive and reassuring answers to over 350 questions asked by real people about all aspects of breast cancer. It covers the things that you may have forgotten to ask your doctor and will help you to understand and come to terms with a disease that will be unique to you. -Medically accurate information about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer -Guidance on the various forms of treatment and care, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy -Information about complementary therapies -Practical advice about managing life with and after cancer - diet, exercise, work, finances -Answers to questions about relationships, family and where to turn for help