Breakthrough (Multimedia Kit): A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development

Give educators the keys to a transformative instructional approach that raises and sustains schoolwide achievement! Designed to complement Breakthrough, the bestseller by Michael Fullan, Peter Hill, and Carmel Crevola, this comprehensive multimedia presentation offers staff developers the necessary materials to help administrators create expert instructional systems that can dramatically improve performance for both students and teachers. Facilitators will be able to demonstrate the authors' powerful Triple P Breakthrough Model: Personalization-student-centered classroom interactions; Precision-monitoring student progress using formative assessments; and Professional Learning-daily, ongoing learning for all educators. Discussion topics include: - Smart application of data-driven instruction to reach all learners - Contextual learning opportunities related to teachers' specific situations - Commitment to excellence in classroom instruction based on a clear moral purpose - Breakthrough leadership that generates future leaders and communicates across school, district, and state levels Featuring classroom practices that promote individualized and focused instruction, Breakthrough: A Multimedia Kit for Professional Development provides: - The companion book, Breakthrough, an educator's guide for transforming daily instruction - A 42-minute, content-rich DVD-with a navigation menu for easy stop-and-search control of video content-that features discussions with Michael Fullan, Peter Hill, and Carmel Crevola and presents the Triple P Breakthrough Model in action - A step-by-step facilitator's guide connecting the book's core content to the DVD and including segment prompts, workshop outlines, extended workshop activities, key points, and discussion questions - A CD-ROM that contains the entire facilitator guide including printable outlines, handouts, agendas, an evaluation form, and other materials for easy reproduction This all-in-one package is indispensable for helping educators reform current instructional systems to advance authentic learner independence and realize long-term performance results for their schools and districts.