Breaking Up Without Cracking Up

Christopher Compston is no stranger to separation. He was a child of divorced parents and has himself divorced and remarried. In this essential book he also draws on his experience as a judge in the family law division. The pain of divorce and separation is an unavoidable part of many people's lives. In Living Through Divorce and Separation, Christopher Compston tackles the practical and emotional side of the experience. He examines the common feelings of anger, hurt and disappointment with down to earth compassion and understanding. Issues such as caring for children, where to live, and coping at work are all covered, along with advice on when to try for a reconciliation and how to deal with an ex-partner's family. Leaving other books to go into the legal details of divorce, Christopher Compston turns to his own work as a family law judge to bring vivid examples of what to do and what to avoid as new life emerges from the old.