Boycotts and Dixie Chicks: Creative Political Participation at Home and Abroad

Boycotts and Dixie Chicks introduces the concept of `creative political participation', collective political actions which do not use traditional methods and which are innovative, collaborative and creative in character.Andrew S. McFarland discusses creative participation on issues concerning the environment, political corruption, consumer rights, and transnational issues. He draws on specific examples including anti-corruption demonstrations in contemporary rural China, community action in 1890s Wisconsin, consumer boycotts of Shell Oil, ExxonMobil, the Nestle Corporation, and the Dixie Chicks music group, the `colour revolutions' and transnational fair trade and transparency activism.Written in an engaging, everyday language and using a wide variety of sources and case studies, Boycotts and Dixie Chicks is highly recommended for students of alternative social and political movements and sociology.